5 Things Only Mothers of Boys Would Understand

Ah, boys. Where butt jokes, head butts, and near death antics never lose their luster. Before any woman is blessed with a male fruit of her loin, we’re at least mildly prepared for the chaos. We know from witnessing friend’s kids or nephews that they’re wild, messy, and full of more energy than a Kryptonite tank. However I’m three boys in so far, and I find myself baffled to this day, over these five evergreen qualities of boys, we’re never quite prepared for.
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To My Bestie, on Her Wedding Day

I’ve always been so glad God made me a girl. I can’t even imagine hair loss after 30 or being expected to innately handle a drill gun. But of all the reasons to love being a woman- the thrill of carrying babies, the joy of wearing boot heels, sniffling our way out of speeding tickets- the blessing I’ve been most aware of lately, is the deep kind of friendship women tend to share, because, well, we need it most.
I have always been extremely grateful for the amount of wonderful women in my life, and for the level of depth I’ve been blessed to have, in my friendships. But lately it’s all I can think about, as I’ve watched not one, but three of my best friends get married, ironically all within the last month. With each last “single friend” hug before they skip down the aisle towards a new adventure, two things have come to mind: God is faithful. And friends are the treasure of life. Read more...
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Some Things Unfortunately Never Change…I’m Just Glad God Doesn’t

I’ve never been much of a city gal. The chaos and hustle, coupled with the fact that I have the directional skills of a yard goat, pretty much guarantees every visit to the city feels like an episode of survivor…will the flighty girl from the suburbs realize she’s walking in circles past Grand Central for all eternity, or will she break down and ask the NYPD for help? Thank you, men in blue. I have to travel from Connecticut to the city about four times a year for work, and it’s always full of special moments, like unknowingly hailing a taxi from the restricted police horse area …WHY are these cabs ignoring me?!… or walking barefoot down the Madison Ave. because wearing brand new pumps to the city seemed like wisdom. But one stellar day last week when I found myself in the city once again, sprinting in four inch heels down 43rd East 71 street after missing the early train, was probably the most priceless memory, to date….Read More…
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Why Moms Need Prayer Even More Than Sleep

What makes the best kids is the best you. At the risk of sounding all Joel Osteen, I believe the number one way to be your “best self” is by remaining close to God. You + God = happy mama, and everyone—the colleagues, the kids, and the snarky school secretary you almost assaulted during last month’s estrogen surge—really does agree.

It makes total sense—when you’re with God, you manifest His characteristics: patience, long-suffering, kindness. Did I mention long-suffering? And you’ll be much more equipped to handle your two-year-old dispersing fireplace ash around the carpet or your son telling you his waterfowl report is due tomorrow. And he needs pictures. And the printer’s out of ink. At times like these, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” translates to not crashing your car in fury while driving to Staples for HP tricolor economy ink. That quiet-time dose of 2 Peter might just have saved you. Read more…

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My Epic Back-to-School Manifesto

Ahhhh, back to school. The only three letter phrase delivering more dread to my soul might be “Beach is closed.” As much I love summer, the sadness I feel bidding adieu to strappy sandals and the blessed shore has more to do with the fact that soon I’ll be running through the house at 7 a.m. like a rabid cheetah, violating every motor vehicle law speeding the kids to school after forgetting their water bottles and nearly choking on pancake parts. Seriously. For less organized, frazzled mothers like myself, it’s all out madness.

I fully realize it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the pain of social media, I see the parents out there managing to send their children off with French braided hair and consistently matching socks. These are the same parents Instagramming their first day of school experiences with chalk board art indicating the grades each offspring is entering and what they aspire to be when they’re older. I just have to know, what time are these children waking up in the morning? I literally have to piggyback my nine year-old down from his top bunk like an underpaid sherpa, and practically water board them awake just in time to eat an Eggo and look non-homeless in 20 minutes. Read more...

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My Baby Went on a Date…And Now I’m Ready for Jesus to Return

It is amazing to me, how many high and holy standards I’ve lowered over my 16 years of parenting. From my stalwart pledge against processed foods at the birth of my first, to ardently vowing I’d never give a child under 15 a cell phone (tapped out at 13) the amount of platitudes I’ve let slump or even tossed out the window, when parenthood gets real, is near shameful. I realize the slumping of standards only increases as we have more kids and it’s not like we’re not talkin’ moral decay or safety risks, but seriously, the things I let my youngest do compared to the bubble my oldest my first dwelled in, is pretty egregious. I think Jack’s bedtime was 8 p.m. ‘til 13, and I actually couldn’t find my youngest for about ten minutes last night. “WHERE is Kenai, guys?!”

But of all the parenting fortitudes I’ve let slide due to a lack of time, energy, and the general decay of first time parent delusion, I think I’ve seen the most extreme veer from my own rules after receiving the most shocking answer to a very common question in our house, every time an action movie comes out in the theaters…..Read more

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Ode to Jen Hatmaker (Apologies in Advance)

We all have those special people inspiring us on our personal or professional journeys along the way. It could be spiritual leaders, athletes or overcomers in addictions and struggles we’ve faced, like Joyce Meyer, whose Battlefield of the Mind helped me realize nicknaming myself “black cloud” wasn’t the best way to usher in spiritual blessings. I’m also one of the millions of women who’ve sobbed their way through inner healing workbooks thanks to another great, Beth Moore. But of all the great leaders, writers and thinkers I’ve connected with through the years, Jen Hatmaker has to be my number one fav. Read more…

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You Know You’re an Un-Mom When…

For those of us who find motherhood a bit less ‘natural’ than expected, life can feel more like a circus than a life choice. While some women seem to be bred, or at least appear successful at managing the daily tasks of motherhood without having break downs in the produce aisle with toddlers, us “un-moms” find parenthood a little more challenging and a lot more ridiculous, depending on the amount of children napping at the moment. However contrary to what some might believe, un-moms don’t consider themselves victims of our ovaries, whining about motherhood and counting the seconds ‘til bed time every day. We love being a mom, and cherish our kids, but we’re a bit less Proverbs 31 woman and more Lucille Ball when it comes down to it. But rather than feeling defeated or “less than,” when compared to those more organized, ‘together’ kind of mamas, God’s showed me how to let go of my need for perfection and appreciate the free-spirited, joy-centered mom I am, despite endlessly burnt dinners and the amount of times my kids board the bus with mismatched socks. Here are ways that you can identify, and celebrate, if you too, are an un-mom…

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This One’s for the Single Mamas…We’ll Laugh, Some Day

Ah water. The Lifeblood of the human race. The bringer of hot showers and the main ingredient to radiant skin. And the reason one unhinged single mother almost lost her marbles when preparing to chisel away at the evergreen pile of sink-dwelling dishes one recent morn. Because instead the gush of water one normally expects upon commencing this terrible chore, I was met with an eerie silence from the faucet, and zero H2O. No no no no no no

Now a responsible woman in her mid (okay, late) thirties might ask herself, what could possibly be causing this sudden lack of water? Some kind of pipe dysfunction, or perhaps a municipal shutoff? I however, being the 12 year-old equivalent of a homeowner new exactly what it was… Read More

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Tellin’ Ya. He Just Keeps Getting Better.

I love Bethel Music. I basically live morning, noon, and night with my Youtube blasting their latest worship sets, dreaming of being a worship leader while high-tailing it to take the kids to school or schlepping it across two interstates to the office. Take me away, Lord.

But recently, when visiting my sister in Kansas City, where I immediately found my station to dance with my new baby niece, my sister did the unthinkable, and playfully mocked my latest favorite, “He Keeps on Getting Better”.  My sister’s laughter was based on her witty assumption that if God is purely good, how on Earth could he keep getting better? Read More…

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