My Baby Went on a Date…And Now I’m Ready for Jesus to Return

It is amazing to me, how many high and holy standards I’ve lowered over my 16 years of parenting. From my stalwart pledge against processed foods at the birth of my first, to ardently vowing I’d never give a child under 15 a cell phone (tapped out at 13) the amount of platitudes I’ve let slump or even tossed out the window, when parenthood gets real, is near shameful. I realize the slumping of standards only increases as we have more kids and it’s not like we’re not talkin’ moral decay or safety risks, but seriously, the things I let my youngest do compared to the bubble my oldest my first dwelled in, is pretty egregious. I think Jack’s bedtime was 8 p.m. ‘til 13, and I actually couldn’t find my youngest for about ten minutes last night. “WHERE is Kenai, guys?!”

But of all the parenting fortitudes I’ve let slide due to a lack of time, energy, and the general decay of first time parent delusion, I think I’ve seen the most extreme veer from my own rules after receiving the most shocking answer to a very common question in our house, every time an action movie comes out in the theaters…..Read more

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