The Key to Victory: Trusting God

trustgod I wonder how drastically our lives would change if we completely trusted the Lord with everything. I wonder how many mistakes and heartaches would be avoided and how many of our dreams and hopes would be realized more quickly if we trusted God instead of growing impatient and opting for a plan B that will let us down. Trusting God seems like it should come easily to Christians, but how often have we found ourselves in a wrong relationship, making a bad financial decision, or relying on our own strength because we grew tired of “trusting the Lord and leaning not on our own understanding?” I think the last time I leaned on my own understanding, I unknowingly joined an illegal pyramid scheme. Good times. Read More…

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Our Faith Must be Hiding Under Trump’s Hair

indexI’ve made it through an entire election season without a peep. Not a Facebook share, not a Tweet, not a friggin’ blog post about anything political. Divisiveness destroys us, and after our choice of candidates plummeted to a decision between a would-be felon and a butt-grabbing egomaniac, I checked out. But even the strongest powers of denial have their limits, and after witnessing the irrational spewage of hate and crazy on social media this week, specifically from born again Christians, I fold. Read More…

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Five Truths We Forget, that Keep us Close to God

baby-mother-tree_siIf I look back at the seasons of my life since becoming a Christian, there is an absolute correlation between my closeness with God and the quality of my relationships, finances, ministry, career path…pretty much everything else in life. I’m pretty sure my hair grew faster. This shouldn’t come as a shock, of course. We all know life improves when we’re in God’s will, because he not only knows what’s best for us, he desires it. The problem is, even the strongest of Christians can lose sight of the simplest of truths and fall out of good habits, ultimately leading to experiencing less God and a less abundant life. Here are a few solid reminders we all need now and again. Read more…

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Five Truths about the Power of Forgiveness

forgive-finger-art_siForgiveness is a staple of the Christian faith. We know that Christ died so we can receive forgiveness, and we know we’re called to forgive others. But sometimes we might not fully grasp the necessity and power of true forgiveness due to a lack of knowledge, or feelings of bitterness we haven’t dealt with. Here are a few truths to remember about forgiving. Read…

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5 Scriptures that Will Re-Define Your Prayer Life

woman-praying-3-1Prayer is one of the most intimate ways to connect with God, one of the most powerful spiritual warfare tools, and for me, the clearest way God demonstrates his love. But what’s amazing is after more than 15 years of being a Christian, I’m still learning so many principles about prayer that I never realized. Sometimes we either treat prayer too lightly, or pray about half the things, half of the time we should. It’s  easy to forget or take for granted the sheer awesomeness of being able to talk to God, but here are some scriptures some I’ve recently re-discovered that reinforce the power of prayer. Read More…

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Why I Cry About God’s Goodness, Every Day

woman-591576__340I literally cry, every morning, thinking about God. It usually happens on my drive to work, or during my quiet time, after the kids go to school. I’ll blast my Bethel Worship music, focus on him, and then bam: tears. Not the violent, Claire Danes from Homeland kind of sobs. But just a silent trickle, after instantly being overwhelmed at how quickly I can personally connect with the creator of the universe, and how quickly I feel his love, when I do. Read More…

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3 Things Prison Ministry Has Taught Me About God

Sometimes we think we have God all figured out. Many of us base our spiritual fortitude on the fact that we’ve attended church for years, read the Bible cover to cover and lead a pretty solid prayer life. I was one of those Christians, and then I joined a ministry visiting institutionalized teens, and it rocked my world. After a life-changing journey of holding Bible studies within juvenile detention centers, I understood some concepts about God in a much deeper way.

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Best Biblical Promises That Banish Fear

When I think about the root cause of so many mistakes and spiritual pitfalls in my life, the source seems to be the one and only, the ugly, fear. Fear will cause us to buckle and settle for less than God’s best. It’ll cause us to disobey after diluting our trust in Him, and even when do stay strong, it’ll rob us of our peace and joy. Here are some of the best scriptures helping us overcome fear by increasing our faith. Read More…

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Father’s Day for the Fatherless…Why God is So Sovereign

I haven’t cel10632876_10153167405295196_1846698188967097241_nebrated Father’s Day since 1991, when my dad passed away when I was 12. My  last Father’s Day memory involved my sisters and I bursting into his study, adorning his head with a paper crown and a bed sheet around his neck, donning him “king for a day.” I can still hear his laughter, as all three of us piggybacked atop his back, while he commanded his loyal subjects to give hugs all day long.

It’s such a fitting memory, too. My dad always had this respectable, noble, presence about him, while at the same time having such a humble servant’s heart. And he was so strong, but had such a meekness about him. I’ll always remember him doing pushups or bench pressing in the basement, and then challenging each of us to give his biceps our “toughest punches.” My knuckles hurt just thinking about it. Such a juxtaposition to watching him become choked up when praying for people at church, or even a random stranger in public. One of my worst childhood punishments resulted after protesting him bringing a homeless woman to live with us. I wasn’t a Christian then,  and didn’t understand my dad was simply living as Jesus did-not just loving with words, but in action-showing love to the “least of these” and giving God glory, instead of himself. I was always annoyed having to answer collect phone calls from inmates he’d ministered to in prison, and never understood his need to pray every morning in the basement closet-sometimes 5 a.m. when he had his grocery business.

I’m not sure whether it was his sudden passing of a heart attack at 38 years old, that turned my heart against God, or if I really never knew God to begin with, but after finally coming back to him in my mid-twenties, I get it now. My dad just loved loved the Lord, with all his heart. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have spiritual talks and get his advice on ministry work, along with the other thousands of memories I wish he could share. He’s missed so much. Eleven grandchildren and counting. My mom still as beautiful as the last day he saw her. My sisters following in his footsteps doing great things for God. My youngest sister literally talking with the same calm, rational inflection he did, without even realizing it. And his former friends-pastors, business people, ministry leaders-still stopping us to talk about what an impact he made on those around him. “He was the real deal,” they always say.

Some people have asked if I’m upset with God, or have a hard time trusting him, when he let such a good, Godly man leave us so soon. But now that I know God, it’s not even a question, because he actually is, and has been my father, ever since. Whether I knew it or not. I believe in God’s total sovereignty, which means he makes up for pain and suffering we’ve endured, and turns our situations around. I’m not sure all the details will completely make sense until we meet in heaven, but for me, God has been my complete protector, counselor, provider and father, in a way I’m not sure those with living earthly fathers can know. I feel those who’ve lost a parent are able to tap into a part of God’s heart that gives us a special sense of security and love we’d never get to experience without that deep loss. I’ve made the most ridiculous mistakes and continued some pretty bad patterns through life, but God has never failed to instantly forgive, pick me up, and continually shower blessings and goodness on my life. Over, and over again. Like a true father.

Nothing and no one can ever replace the bond between a parent and a child, but God can heal and fill that void, tenfold, if we allow him to. I might never truly understand why my dad’s time came so soon, but I know God will be my father every day, until I meet both of them in heaven.

Happy Father’s Day, dad. We love and miss you….

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Gorilla Shooting Just Might Have Ushered In the End Times


I realize Jesus said no one can predict the official end of days, but this week’s news of protesters a rage over the shooting of a gorilla to protect a 3- year-old boy might officially signal his near return.

What else can explain people losing their minds over the death of an ape, instead of a collective sigh of relief that a toddler wasn’t murdered by a 450-pound mammal in front of his parents and a few dozen field trippers? 2 Timothy describes end time people as “unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous and reckless.” In other words, they might not only grieve and hold a candlelight vigil for a caged primate, they might even criticize the family for not keeping their son on a leash. One angered animal nut went so far as to say the life of an animal is synonymous to a child’s. I think I hear an earthquake. Read More


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