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To the Neighbors Who Just Decorated for Christmas on November 1st. I Get It.

While driving home from work this week, my eyeballs were accosted with one of the most egregious sights since culottes crept back in style.  A house, completely lit and decorated from roof to sidewalk in Christmas lights… on the first of November. My first reaction was to unloose audible sentiments that only Jesus could forgive….

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Stopping to Smell the Roses. Even when They’re Eating Them.

I recently survived an annual tradition from Hell known only to mothers of small children: The outdoor family photo session. For those yet to experience this special slice of family time, let me expound. Take the amount of time and stress it takes getting small children out the door for church. But instead of church,…

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Thoughts on Being Called “Ma’am”

I hate getting older. I usually avoid stereotypical middle aged behaviors like complaining about laugh lines and Keto fails, but after hearing the third Dunkin’ Donuts boy call me ma’am this month I’ve come undone. I realize very few of us enjoy getting older in a youth-obsessed culture where Botox injections are the new manicure….

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Seems the World’s Falling Apart. But we Don’t Have to.

What. The Shizzle. Is Going on. …? This is no doubt a commonly held question while journeying through the bad acid trip we call 2020. Covid. Riots. Election Fraud. Every day it seems we’re sharing a communal cocktail of anger, confusion and isolation, and now they’re talking about closing schools again and keeping the sheeple…

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My baby just left for college. And now I need tranquilizers.

There are so many moments in parental life we just can’t emotionally prepare for. The insanity of screaming like a Sudanese war chief for hours before the joy of meeting baby.  The anxiety felt on that first day of daycare or Kindergarten. The unhinged thrill of watching them score the winning point at the big…

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Swallow Hard, Vote Trump

Down the street from us lives a U.S. Congressman who delivers church sermons on the weekends, has an MBA, and loves his fellow veterans. I wish he was running for President. But he’s not. And that’s why I’m voting for Trump. Before all my liberal amigos out there get their panties in a bunch diving…

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Jessica Kastner is an award-winning journalist and a regular contributor for CBN.com, GodTV.com, and Beliefnet.com. She serves as the CT Coordinator for Straight Ahead Ministries, leading Bible studies within juvenile detention centers, and can be found most days on the trampoline with her copious number of children, wishing she’d ordered the turbo shot.

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