Hi. I’m Jess. 🙂
My hope is to bring a sense of realness and “fluff free” commentary on the trials, victories, and general ridiculousness found in everyday life.  Revolting against religiosity that makes Christians feel they have to appear flawless and perpetually “together,” I find myself craving more authenticity in relationships, prayer life, church environments…everything really. I’ve never been one of those Christians who says “praying for you!” ten times a day, or writes, ‘Be blessed,” in my signature line.  If you know Jesus, you’re derned blessed…no need for the generic send offs.  I just want to be real, and seek God above a false sense of control and piousness, hence the tagline, “Pretty Holy.” I’m getting there. I’m always striving to be more like Jesus, but I never for one second want to appear to have it all figured out.  I’d rather celebrate the lunacy of life, take a heaping measure of God’s grace, and save the perfection for heaven.
I also find humor in seemingly normal slivers of life. The gas station attendant who stares straight at you for the longest 20 seconds of receipt printing known to man …17…18…19…The worship leader whom without fail forgets the words in stanza two and starts yelling “lift your hands, church!” That awkward moment after your kid tells his circle time friends they’ll burn in perpetual flame if they don’t come to Jesus. :/  And the weirder the people and circumstances, the better. I think each person has a connection with God that’s unique to them, so I love sharing my own insights, and learning others’ perspectives.  This blog is for those who desire the same.
My Ministry
What a privilege it is to serve as CT Coordinator for Straight Ahead Ministries, a non-profit working to see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders. I coordinate and lead Bible studies in youth prison and residential treatment centers, in an effort to bring hope and healing to at-risk teens. Biggest adventure of my life!
My heart…The love of my life, Dan, and the three best boys ever, Eli, Kenai, and Jack.
My Passion
Just came out with my first book, “Hiding from the Kids in My Prayer Closet: Finding Grace and Laughter, When Motherhood Gets Real”  and I’m also a contributor for the Christian Broadcasting Network’s website CBN.com, HuffingtonPost’s Christianity page, and Beliefnet.com.
My Mantra: God is good, all the time. Seriously, can words ever capture his goodness?
Favorite Charity: Help korah.org. This non-profit literally plucks children from living in a town-wide dump in Korah, Ethiopia, providing clean water, food, medical care and Christian schooling. My sister’s been there twice, and it’s amazing what God’s doing in that region.