Why Today is the Day to Share Your Faith


I’m 37 years old, and within the past year, three of my closet high school friends have suddenly passed away. Most people would be riddled with the why’s and how’s associated with so many unexplained, early deaths. But the only question I’m burdened with after every subsequent loss is this: why haven’t I shared my faith with the people who knew me best, before I knew the Lord? Read more…

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Sometimes the Best Prayers are the Unanswered Ones

In an instant-gratification-addicted world, where we need and want answers, meals, information and almost everything instantly, we sometimes treat our prayer life the same way. If we don’t get an answer or see a situation change in about a week, we assume God’s either not listening, or it’s just another failed prayer attempt. But looking back on life, I see now that some of my best prayers have been the unanswered ones. Read more…

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Top 5 Hardest Moments to Maintain Your Christianity


For some, admitting you’re a Christian is tough. I’ve never had that problem. I used to be a self-absorbed binge drinker with obsessive tendencies, and thanks to the Lord, I’m now a people-loving Jesus freak. However what the secular crowd doesn’t always realize about Christians is that we’re still human, and we have weaknesses that can still surface under certain arduous circumstances. All very first-world problems of course, but here goes…Read more

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6 Worst Church Moments, Ever


For people of faith, church is one of the best times of the week. The gathering of the saints. The only place you’ll hear freestyle electric guitars played by a 60 year-old investment banker during a non-denominational worship jam. And the only place where strangers lay hands on you without fearing second degree assault. However, in my 14 years of avid-church going, I’ve seen, and experienced some pretty unpleasant moments.

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4 Things to Avoid when Christian, and Single


Keeping a pure thought life and remaining celibate until marriage can seem almost impossible, when we’re surrounded in a sex-driven world full of temptations and messages urging us to toss our convictions to the wind. We manage to stay strong through prayer, scripture, and in my experience, by avoiding four especially torturous scenarios for the long-suffering single.

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God: The Antithesis to Negativity


Negativity is a natural human response. Especially nowadays when we’re surrounded by viral outbreaks, wars, and if you live in New England, a Farmer’s Almanac prediction that this winter will be the worst since the fifties (#justshootme). But keeping a God-centered perspective is the best and proven way to combat negative thoughts, and it works. Read more…

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Amazing Ways God Conquers Our Ruts


For Christians asking themselves right now why they’re stuck in a financial, career or relational rut, it can feel like you’ve been reduced to a speck on God’s worldwide radar when your prayers have been ignored for a seeming eternity. But before doubt and frustration creep in and rob your faith, it helps to remind ourselves of a few encouraging truths about God, and your rut. Read more…

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