Why Moms Need Prayer Even More Than Sleep

What makes the best kids is the best you. At the risk of sounding all Joel Osteen, I believe the number one way to be your “best self” is by remaining close to God. You + God = happy mama, and everyone—the colleagues, the kids, and the snarky school secretary you almost assaulted during last month’s estrogen surge—really does agree.

It makes total sense—when you’re with God, you manifest His characteristics: patience, long-suffering, kindness. Did I mention long-suffering? And you’ll be much more equipped to handle your two-year-old dispersing fireplace ash around the carpet or your son telling you his waterfowl report is due tomorrow. And he needs pictures. And the printer’s out of ink. At times like these, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” translates to not crashing your car in fury while driving to Staples for HP tricolor economy ink. That quiet-time dose of 2 Peter might just have saved you. Read more…

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