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5 Ways To Incorporate The Meaning Of Easter Into Your Family Fun

Resurrection Sunday is one of the most important, meaningful holidays in the Christian faith, but it can be difficult incorporating the meaning of Easter into our family activities when we’re competing with chocolate-peddling bunnies and egg hunts.  Even the most devout parents can get caught up in the holiday chaos- the dress shopping, party planning and egg stuffing- forgetting to emphasize Christ’s resurrection into the festivities. Here are five ways to incorporate the meaning of Easter into your family fun this year.


#1 Make Resurrection Baskets/Eggs

One admittedly simple way to incorporate the meaning of Easter in your family traditions is to refer to Easter baskets “resurrection baskets,” and include faith-based gifts amongst the Cadbury, like a devotional book, prayer journal, angel figurine/stuffy, or special cross jewelry for girls, etc. If you have little ones, consider waking them up with the greeting, ‘He has risen!” before the candy craze begins. Start the morning with a little family prayer, thanking God for raising Jesus from the dead and living in our hearts, so we can live forever. Same thing goes for decorating Easter eggs, which from a Christian perspective, are said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection. Check out these ideas for religious Easter egg decorating.


#2 Write Jesus A Thank You Note

This is a great way for school-aged kids to make the meaning of Easter a little more personal. Pick up some faith-based Easter sticker/ craft items and decorate the personal notes, thanking God for raising Jesus, giving us eternal life etc.. Use this activity to talk with your kids about why Jesus had to die, and how much he loves us, and ask what they would say to Jesus if he were here right now. Help younger kids create a grateful list of some of their favorite things (pets, toys, friends, vacations) explaining how all of these good things are given to us by Jesus.


#3 Hold A Family Vigil The Night Before Easter

Before the kids go to bed on Easter Eve, or the night of Good Friday, turn off the lights and light candles while reading the account of Jesus’ resurrection, found in Mark 16:1-20. Although the kids should understand why/how Jesus had to die, the tone here should be a feeling of joy and anticipation, rather than sadness/somberness. Easter Sunday is one of the most celebratory days of the year!


#4 Watch A Movie About Jesus

These are some of the best faith-based movies to watch with the family this Easter. Here’s a list, in order of age appropriateness. For the more ambitious moms out there, consider making these fun, kid-friendly Easter snacks for the event. We stick with popped resurrection corn around here. : )

Veggie Tales “An Easter Carol” (G)
The Chronicles of Narnia (PG)
Son of God (PG)
Risen (PG 12)
Miracles from Heaven (PG)
Breakthrough (PG)
God’s Not Dead (PG)
The Young Messiah (PG 13)
The Passion of the Christ (R)


#5 Invite A Friend To Easter Service

This can definitely shake us out of our comfort zones, but what better way to teach our kids about the importance of Jesus living than to evangelize by asking an aunt/uncle/grandparent/work friend to join the family for Easter Sunday service? Studies show most non-church goers are more apt to accept an invite tied to traditional holiday events like Christmas and Easter. Can’t hurt to ask!

Here’s to a more meaningful, treasured Easter celebration this year. Covid’s almost gone, winter’s over, and praise the Lord he lives!

For more on family Easter activities, check out Focus on the Family’s “Holy Week and Easter Activities for the Whole Family.


Jessica Kastner is an award-winning journalist, author and contributor to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Huff Post, God TV, Beliefnet, Crosswalk and many more. When she's not burning dinner, daydreaming about the beach, she can be found on the trampoline with her copious amount of children, wishing she'd ordered the turbo shot.

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