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6 Ways To Hear God’s Voice in 2022

how to hear God's voice

Which one of us wouldn’t want to receive more guidance, direction and communication from God this year? But how do we really hear God’s voice? How do we know it’s his and not our own thoughts? Hearing God’s voice is less complicated and more achievable than many believe. Here are some Biblical ways to hear from God this new year.

#1 Ask to Hear God’s Voice

It sounds so obvious. But when was the last time you asked God specifically, in prayer to hear his voice more clearly or abundantly? We just assume because God knows our thoughts and desires, he’ll eventually bring them into fruition. If it doesn’t happen then I guess it wasn’t his will, right? The answer is no, thank goodness. God wants us to engage with him, constantly, every day, through all the minutia of life, and he wants us to ask for what he wants. The Bible is filled with this concept, as seen in Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it shall be given to you.”

#2 Get Into The Word

There are many ways to hear God’s voice, but reading Scripture is one of the most vital ways. says his Word is alive and . It can be VERY tempting to skip out on daily Bible reading. Especially if you’re a busy mom with littles or have an insane work schedule….the list goes on, and might go on forever if we don’t finally commit to reading a small portion of the Word every day. Try and think out of the box, and get your reading and meditation time in during work breaks, or while waiting in the parking lot during kids’ activities, or even listen to the audio Bible on your commute if reading is not possible. Imagine the answers to our problems, motivations for our endeavors, and wisdom are just waiting to be found in the pages of John, Hebrews, the Psalms, whatever. It’s a motivating thought but we know it’s all true!

#3 Surround Yourself With Other Christians

The pandemic has hit us hard in the social arena of life, with lots of ministries and life groups just now beginning to resume and isolation continuing to hamper the fellowship of Christians. But we need to try and find ways to gather and worship, serve and hear the voice of God in our lives. God uses other Christians to speak into our lives all the time. There are the formal ways of receiving words of prophecy at a church function, or receiving prayer after service, but we most often hear from the Lord during normal conversations with fellow believers. God created us for community and part of his design was enabling us to hear his voice through others. This is why church is so important, as well as being part of smaller groups, where we have more opportunity to share our struggles and victories on a more personal level.  If you’re not part of a church community, make it a goal to visit a few and find one that fits this year. If you’re already a part of a church, considering starting a life group, or joining one to solidify and increase the fellowship in your life.

#4 Hear God’s Voice By Getting Into Nature

This is not a “God is in the butterflies” New Age rant….but He kinda is. I’m a staunch believer in the power of nature in our lives. This world may seem like it’s going to Hell in a handbasket, like now, but the trees, rivers, mountains, beaches, meadows, stars and sunsets are all still his perfect, pure creation. How could we not at least feel more connected to God when removing ourselves from the “fray” and all the man-made chaos ad distractions of life? If walking or hiking or “the outdoors” isn’t your thing, consider finding a “happy place” somewhere alone in nature. It could be throwing up a hammock near your backyard tree line, or finding a walking trail somewhere in town, or if you live in a high rise, trekking up to the roof to stargaze weekly. God WILL speak to you through nature. I’m not a neurologist, but we do know our minds become clearer when we’re still, in His presence in His creation.

5# Hear God’s Voice Through Dreams

It may seem a bit abstract to some, but God does talk to many people through dreams. The Bible is filled with stories (Joseph, David, Daniel, etc.) of God speaking and revealing his will in a dream. If you’re really desiring a word/answer/motivation from the Lord on something, considering asking to hear His voice in a dream. One of the many amazing things about God is, he’s never boring, or predictable or limited, so if this isn’t something you’re used to doing, it’s time to think out of the box!

#6 Hear God By Recognizing His Voice

God’s voice is not like our own. Often when God speaks to us it’s the exact opposite of what we want to do, what we would normally feel, or how we would normally react. He may be telling you to end a relationship you know is out of his will, even though you’re in love. He may be telling you pray over a colleague and it’s completely out of your comfort zone. After enough times hearing his voice, we do begin to recognize his voice amidst our own thoughts. When you believe you’ve heard God, write the words down and pray on them later. Share them with a fellow Christian. Keep in mind his voice is never condemning. It’s gentle and loving, like a good parent. He doesn’t speak words of accusation or condemnation, which is usually the voice of the enemy. Start a list of all the times you did hear God’s voice and write down how you felt. What were the circumstances and outcomes? Did you obey? You’ll begin to see a pattern of what it feels like to correctly hear God’s voice.

Here’s to a wonderful new year of hearing the loving, guiding voice of our Father and growing in wisdom and faith. For more great inspiration on Hearing God’s voice, check out these resources below.

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Jessica Kastner is an award-winning journalist, author and contributor to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Huff Post, God TV, Beliefnet, Crosswalk and many more. When she's not burning dinner, daydreaming about the beach, she can be found on the trampoline with her copious amount of children, wishing she'd ordered the turbo shot.

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